About CMTech Group

With a large population spread out over tens of thousands of miles of vast and sometimes unforgiving landscape, and two official languages, the culturally diverse Canadian Market presents a unique challenge to AV, Pro & Commercial Audio Manufacturers.
Recognizing this challenge, the principals of Connect West Marketing, BG Media Solutions, and Michel Morrow Technologie, joined forces in 2010 to provide a National Solution to international manufacturers who wish to establish a strong brand presence in Canada.
While remaining as independent companies within their geographic territories, the principals are united in approach and in the lines they represent, thereby allowing international manufacturers to dominate the Canadian market place.
By remaining directly linked with their customers through established national representation, manufacturers are able to retain control on pricing, delivery, brand, margins and customer support.


Connect West Marketing (Western Canada – BC to Manitoba)

Michael James Upright

With over 25 years industry experience, principal and founder Michael J Upright, established Connect West Marketing in 1999. Taking on Canada’s “wild west” he brought together his passion and expertise in audio and video production with his superior record of success and sales mastery.

In the last 15+ years he has helped many international manufacturers grow their brand and market share in Western Canada from low/mid 6 figures in annual sales to the multiple 7 figure range, while continuing to grow year after year. Connect West’s annual combined sales for 2014 in Western Canada exceeded 6.5M

Connect West provides a complete solution to both clients and manufacturers by leveraging complementary products, thereby providing complete and integrated solutions under one portfolio.   Connect West has built up the trust and confidence of the key decision makers, integrators, consultants and buyers in Western Canada.

Connect West Marketing, together with Michael and his inside sales team, continues to grow, break sales records and establish market dominance for the manufacturers they represent.


BG Media Solutions (Central Canada – Ontario)

Brian Guidolin

BG Media Solutions was founded in January of 2006 by rep principal Bryan Guidolin. Prior to that Bryan worked for other industry rep firms, and distributors before starting his own venture. His enthusiasm and passion for the AV business is what fueled him to start up his own firm and dedicate his professional life to representing leading AV industry manufacturers.

Since 2006, BG Media Solutions has not only grown in sales, but also in personnel. Today in 2015 BG Media Solutions is comprised of 4 individuals each responsible for various market verticals. Comprised of a strong blend of audio, video, and control solutions, BGMS is very attractive to do business with if you are an integrator or consultant, as there are numerous solutions in one portfolio.

Since 2006, BG Media’s overall sales portfolio has grown to cover more brands, and ultimately responsible for a combined $8M in sales (in 2014) for the Ontario region (excluding Ottawa)

“We are unique in our market as we have been the fastest growing rep firm in our region for the past decade, and have been able to assemble some of the best brands in the industry under one umbrella. Our key to our success is the relationships that we hold with our partners, and the fact that we are involved with these projects at very early stages. Also, our very unique selling style is very well suited for the fast paced Toronto market.” – BG


MM Technologie (Eastern Canada – Quebec & Maritimes)

Michel Morrow

With over 30 years of experience as a touring sound engineer, and installation and pro audio technical support, Michel Morrow founded MM Technologie in 2010. Providing a bilingual and culturally sensitive solution to international manufacturers wanting to build a strong brand in multi-cultural Eastern Canada.

MM Technologie is dedicated to delivering outstanding results and continued excellence, surpassing all expectations of both the client and the manufacturer. We love the fast moving pace of technology, and are motivated by the new development in Audio, Video, Display and Network technologies.

Our principals are active in Pro AV, System Design an Integration. We now have 3 members on our team and are in a great position to grow our sales numbers already at 2.5M this year! We expect to add value to our manufacturers with continued and consistent growth.